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Residential Elevator Size Considerations

For those who don’t know, a residential elevator helps people maneuver between your home’s floors without having to use a ramp or stairway. These residential transport units enhance vertical mobility in the house and can help disabled people or seniors maintain their independence. The space you require for a residential elevator relies on how many levels you’ve got to go and where you want to install it.  

There are several aspects that influence how much space you require for your residential elevator. The form of the elevator you prefer is important. Also, the limits of your house design might define where you install the residential elevator.  

Here are several other things to think about when choosing how much space you need for residential elevators Long Island: 

Space for Drive Components 

You might require room for any exterior drive components and electrical systems that power your elevator. A couple of residential elevators have a drive system attached in the hoist way. This lowers the required space outside the shaft. Some elevators need an external machine room for the drive.  

Elevator Clearance 

Aside from the space taken up by the mechanisms, the elevator housing, and the physical cab that make the elevator properly operate, you also require running clearance around the car’s perimeter. There needs to be enough space for the doors to properly open and for people to get inside the elevator and disembark at every level. In addition to that, you require clearance above the elevator. A lot of units need at least ½ feet of overhead clearance above the elevator’s top portion. Local building codes might specify a particular amount of clearance at the sides or top. Thus, you’ve got to consider these needs as well before you can install your residential elevator.  

Door Width 

Residential elevators sometimes have doors measuring 3-feet wide. This will help accommodate a wheelchair. However, there are a couple of smaller units that have doors as slim as 2-feet wide.  

Wall Width 

Usually, a residential elevator utilizes a rail system attached to a wall. Thus, the wall width is extremely crucial when thinking about if you’ve got enough room. Having 30 square feet of available space may not be enough if you do not have a wall wide enough to hook onto the rail. 

Aside from these things, you also might have to rewire part of your electrical system for current houses trying to retrofit. This will help you accommodate the residential elevator. Because of this, you must have enough space behind the walls to route new electrical wiring systems. On several occasions, installing a residential elevator means you will have to reroute other units in your house. This includes water pipes in the walls or your HVAC system. You have to account for these changes whenever you are thinking about space requirements for your residential elevator.  

Because of this, it is always crucial to hire a professional company to help you plan the installation of your residential elevator. With this, you can avoid any issues down the line once the installation is complete. 

How to Purchase a Vertical Wheelchair Lift?

A lot of homeowners purchase vertical wheelchair lift mainly for the safety and convenience of their disabled loved ones. If you’ve got a member of the family who is using a wheelchair, it’s ideal for you to buy a vertical wheelchair lift for them. 

However, how can you check whether or not a wheelchair lift is practically useful for users with limited mobility? If you ask this question to manufacturers, chances are they will give you different answers.  

That is why we are here to help. Here are a couple of tips you should consider when you’re planning to buy a vertical platform lift for your disabled loved ones: 

User-Centered Easy Control and Operation 

The users of a wheelchair lift are a unique group with various levels of disabilities. Thus, user-centered easy control and operation methods are extremely crucial for their comfortable experience. A design that needs a lot of strength and dexterity to operate the wheelchair lift or enter the platform isn’t an excellent one.  

Think About Safety Features 

The absence of protective features or poor designs can all result in injuries and accidents during the service time of the platform lift. Some of the most common safety devices you should consider include remote controller, safety doors with interlock, manual lowering valve, guardrails, emergency drop button on the platform, and much more. These safety features can help avoid accidents if emergencies occur, such as power failures and more.  

User-Friendly Design for the Platform Lift 

The vertical platform lift should be made according to 2 major elements. The simple access to enter the platform and the wheelchair structure. Before you buy a unit, you should examine whether or not the platform size matches with the wheelchair structure and size. In addition to that, the platform should have additional space reserved to adjust the wheelchair’s direction during the lowering and lifting process.  

Preserve Installation Space 

Correct location and enough installation space have key relation to the operation of the platform lift in the future. The reason for this is that once the lift is installed, it is a tedious job to change or adjust the installation site. You should choose an ideal area that’s convenient for the access of the disabled loved one. Make sure they don’t have to do a lot of things just to reach the higher floor.  

Choose the Lifting Height 

You’ve got to measure the floor height and the ceiling height of your property before you can install a vertical platform lift. This will help you figure out the lifting height. If you are planning to install the unit outside, you need to measure directly the floor height or the vertical height of stairs to choose the lifting height. Any mistakes will lead to installation failures or troubles.  


You should figure out your budget limitations and individual needs. A lot of professional dealers provide quality wheelchair lift units equipped with the required specifications and safety features. You’ve got to ensure that you pick a unit that fits within your budget to avoid issues in the future.  


Importance of Hiring a Professional to Get Rid of Furniture

Do you have a lot of broken and damaged furniture pieces in your house or office? You are probably keeping them inside your attic, shed, or garage. Why are you still keeping them if they are not useful anymore? You have to get rid of them from your property if they’re already considered junk.  

Typically, most homeowners don’t want to get rid of their furniture because they don’t know how to get rid of it. Fortunately, there are a lot of service providers nowadays that can help you with this task.  

Here are some reasons why you should hire a junk removal Nassau County company to get rid of your old furniture pieces: 

Correct Disposal 

You can ensure correct work if you leave the disposal of your broken furniture to experts. These experts are expected to get rid of them in an appropriate landfill. They might even have to bring them to an upholstery shop. With this, you can help the environment and nature to be safe and healthy, aside from cleaning your property.  


It’s an extremely hard job to get rid of pieces of broken furniture. The furniture pieces are typically made large and heavy. It’s challenging and risky to load them by yourself. Thus, it will be better if you leave the task to a professional company since they’ve got the manpower to tackle the job. Their expert staff is highly experienced and trained when it comes to this industry. 

Complete Facility 

It’s always better not to do it by yourself if you’re planning to get rid of every damaged and broken furniture from your home or office. The reason for this is that this type of job needs a complete facility to finish the job smoothly and quickly. The most convenient thing you can do is to hire an expert junk removal company. You won’t have to worry about renting the tools and a truck since you can ensure the professionals have the complete equipment when you hire them.  

Recycling the Furniture 

When your furniture still looks new, it can be recycled or sold. However, if they’re damaged or old, there are still a lot of things you can do with them. You can look for liquidators and retailers who will be willing to purchase them if you’ve got furniture that you do not require anymore. You can also try looking for a charity organization that requires it. 

When you recycle your furniture, a lot of things can happen. This includes: 

  • It Can Be Reused 

A couple of furniture look really good. So, if you do not use them anymore, you can sell them to someone who can reuse it. 

  • It Can Be Refurbished 

If the furniture looks old, you can refurbish it before you can sell it.  

Rather than allowing them to clutter your home or office, there are a lot of things you can do with the furniture that you are not using anymore. If it’s in excellent condition, it’s better to recycle it and make money.  


Should You Transform Your Finished Basement into a Home Office?

Have you thought about transforming your finished basement into a home office? As a result of the recent changes in the world due to the pandemic, a lot of people are now working from home. Because of this, there are now a lot of home office ideas circulating online. This includes finished basement ideas.  

Because of the advantages they offer, basement home offices are becoming more and more well-known for homeowners. Today, we are going to share with you some of the benefits you can get if you transform your basement finishing Long Island into a home office. 

Improved Storage 

Your home office can become cluttered quickly unless you’ve got an extra room in your house that you can transform into a work station. Oftentimes, homeowners are forced to push their work desks up against a dining room wall or a living room wall. This leaves a bit of space for office storage. If you build your home office in your finished basement, you will love the extra room that you can use to store your office items.  

Unlimited Style Choices 

You will have to prevent having to ensure your work desks matches the style of your bedroom or the furniture in your living room. You can completely produce a special spatial style and color palette for your home office in your finished basement. This offers you the ability to pick a set-up that reflects your particular style preferences and your personality.  

Maximum Use of Space 

If you’re forced to work at home, chances are you are also forced to take away space from other places in your house. A finished basement enables your work station to be independent of all the other rooms. In addition to that, you can create extra spaces in the finished basement, such as a gym or a bar. This enables you to take complete advantage of your home’s square footing. 

Low Distractions 

It is quite obvious that a lot of distractions can happen throughout the day if you have tried working from home. It can be extremely hard to focus on work-related tasks unless you are living on your own. Luckily, there’s a way to physically separate your home office from your home-life. You can do this by placing your home office in your finished basement. This offers you the required structure when you’re working from home.  

Improved Property Value 

A lot of companies nowadays are promoting their workers to work from home as opposed to coming full-time into the office. Some companies even decided to continue this trend even after the pandemic is over. If you’ve got a home office in your house, your home will become a really appealing property on the real estate market. Since work from home models are becoming well-known, investors and homeowners will be searching to buy properties that accommodate this new normal.  

If you have a basement in your house that you haven’t used for a while, now is the time to do so. Make sure you hire a professional basement finishing company to transform your basement. 


How to Make Kids Have Fun When Recycling Things?

Teaching your kids, the proper ways to recycle can be a very good option. A lot of parents considered this one as a learning process where you can see the good and the bad things on how they care for the environment. Most of us would just teach our kids that they can just throw the rubbish to the dumpster and the company like the junk removal Scottsdale will be the one to segregate and dispose them. Letting them know the importance of proper disposal will lead them to a brighter way to help others as well.  

Before you teach others, it is nice that you are going to understand as well the importance of recycling to the adults that are living in your society. They need to be a good role model to the kids so that those children will follow the models. It would be a big problem to a lot of people if we don’t know how to throw the rubbish correctly and properly. The same thing with the kids, this is not an excuse that we are just going to say that you are happy looking at the kids playing and not thinking about their future.  

Let’s dig deeper about the things that you can do here in order to attract your kid.  

You should make sure that you are going to teach them in a very fun way. Don’t worry if they could not understand you at first. You need to be very patient when it comes to handling them. This is the best way for you to get to know more of your kids and the abilities that they can do. If you think that you are explaining things to them in a confusing way, then you need to consider about the fact that it should be something colorful and creative.  

You can have some different containers prepared or a small bottle that has wide openings. It is a good option now that you will color it and make a writing or a label on the surface of it. This will be a good chance for them to be more familiar about what you are teaching them. It can be a game that they need to make some points in order to build a lot of points.  

You can think of other games in order to attract them like playing this one with another kid and there will be a friendly competition between them. You can teach them first about the different things that they can throw there like the plastic, paper, or cans.  

If your kid is too young, then you need to consider about letting them to follow you. It is a nice option that you can do since they don’t know anything. If the kid is not young anymore, then you can tell them more examples or drawings and pictures so that it would be very easy for you and her or him to understand things. This will create more interactions.