How to Purchase a Vertical Wheelchair Lift?

A lot of homeowners purchase vertical wheelchair lift mainly for the safety and convenience of their disabled loved ones. If you’ve got a member of the family who is using a wheelchair, it’s ideal for you to buy a vertical wheelchair lift for them. 

However, how can you check whether or not a wheelchair lift is practically useful for users with limited mobility? If you ask this question to manufacturers, chances are they will give you different answers.  

That is why we are here to help. Here are a couple of tips you should consider when you’re planning to buy a vertical platform lift for your disabled loved ones: 

User-Centered Easy Control and Operation 

The users of a wheelchair lift are a unique group with various levels of disabilities. Thus, user-centered easy control and operation methods are extremely crucial for their comfortable experience. A design that needs a lot of strength and dexterity to operate the wheelchair lift or enter the platform isn’t an excellent one.  

Think About Safety Features 

The absence of protective features or poor designs can all result in injuries and accidents during the service time of the platform lift. Some of the most common safety devices you should consider include remote controller, safety doors with interlock, manual lowering valve, guardrails, emergency drop button on the platform, and much more. These safety features can help avoid accidents if emergencies occur, such as power failures and more.  

User-Friendly Design for the Platform Lift 

The vertical platform lift should be made according to 2 major elements. The simple access to enter the platform and the wheelchair structure. Before you buy a unit, you should examine whether or not the platform size matches with the wheelchair structure and size. In addition to that, the platform should have additional space reserved to adjust the wheelchair’s direction during the lowering and lifting process.  

Preserve Installation Space 

Correct location and enough installation space have key relation to the operation of the platform lift in the future. The reason for this is that once the lift is installed, it is a tedious job to change or adjust the installation site. You should choose an ideal area that’s convenient for the access of the disabled loved one. Make sure they don’t have to do a lot of things just to reach the higher floor.  

Choose the Lifting Height 

You’ve got to measure the floor height and the ceiling height of your property before you can install a vertical platform lift. This will help you figure out the lifting height. If you are planning to install the unit outside, you need to measure directly the floor height or the vertical height of stairs to choose the lifting height. Any mistakes will lead to installation failures or troubles.  


You should figure out your budget limitations and individual needs. A lot of professional dealers provide quality wheelchair lift units equipped with the required specifications and safety features. You’ve got to ensure that you pick a unit that fits within your budget to avoid issues in the future.